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Lagunas de Ruidera

Guía de servicios e información turística

Turismo en Castilla La Mancha

Nos encontramos ante el más excepcional y extenso humedal de Castilla La Mancha.
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Entrada a Camping Montesinos

Camping Montesinos**

Datos de contacto

Camino de San Pedro s/nº
Ossa de Montiel, Albacete
967093965 - 660392716


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From Madrid

Coordinates 38 ° 56´11 'N 2º 46´14' W, from A4 Madrid address to Andalusia last Madridejos Exit 63 CM-42 at Tomelloso (motorway of the vineyards), take the first exit to Tomelloso this road without letting it take you at the foot of the A-43 Highway at the entrance to the super Erosky roundabout, take the exit on the right (Ossa de Montiel is indicated) is the service road parallel to the highwayWhen you arrive at the end in the stop rounds left, until Ossa de Montiel.
Once in Ossa de Montiel when you reach a set of traffic lights (at the left you'll see a Repsol supplier) turn right direction to the cemetery, continue straight and at the next roundabout do a closed right turn, without leave this road at no time pass ahead of the cave of Montesinos, later the Hermitage of San Pedrothus reaching 300 m up to the campsite that was you on the left side of this road.

From Levante

From East take the Mediterranean motorway until you reach the city of Albacete, where we circulate it in the direction of Manzanares by the N-430 to Ossa de Montiel. Within this population we turn off on the road that leads to the Natural Park of las Lagunas de Ruidera. In six kilometers without diverting us and having left behind the Hermitage of San Pedro can find hand left the main gate of the campsite Montesinos.

Camping Montesinos
Camino de San Pedro s/nº. Ossa de Montiel, Albacete
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